Built for all day and everyday use, the LI4278 offers cordless freedom with Bluetooth compatibility. It also offers better encryption for improved security and better overall wireless performance.


  • Excellent 1-D Scanning Performance
  • Captures Virtually All 1-D Bar Codes on any Surface Including Mobile Phone Displays
  • Wide Working Range
  • Superior Motion and Angular Tolerance
  • Patent Pending Single Circuit Board Construction


Physical Characteristics

3.84 in. H x 2.75 in. W x 7.34 in. L 9.8 cm H x 7 cm W x 18.6 cm L

7.9 oz./224 grams

RS232, RS485 (IBM), USB, Keyboard Wedge

Black; White

Performance Characteristics




547 scans per second


Name Date Size
LI4278 Spec Sheet 24/01/2019 PDF 296 KB