Selecting the right barcode label is the most important factor when it comes to implementing a barcode system.

Barcode labels come in a variety of sizes, materials & adhesives. Choosing from labels and tags for direct thermal printing or thermal transfer printing it can go on to choosing long lasting labels that can withstand harsh conditions or extreme temperatures. With the multitude of choices available it is no wonder that any company needs a helping hand in selecting labeling solution that fulfills their requirement.

That’s why we are there. We live, eat and breath labels so you don’t have to waste your time finding the right fit.

Whether you are printing shipping labels, asset labels or inventory labels. You will find a wide variety of sizes, label materials or colored labels customized for your specific print job.

Types of labels

Blank Labels
Color Labels
Custom labels
Fanfold barcode labels
Preprinted labels

ABT, is ready to meet your labeling requirements at all times with wide variety of pre-printed labels for any application. These labels are available in number of sizes, colors, shapes and adhesives.

So, what are some of the features to look for in a label?


For example, are you tagging assets, labeling inventory, shipping products, manufacturing components, conducting point-of-sale (POS) transactions etc.

Print Technology Direct thermal labels or Thermal transfer labels?

Difference is that direct thermal labels work best labels which requires short life span. Due to the sensitivity to light and heat they are primarily used for indoor purposes. Whereas, thermal transfer labels are rich with durability.

Material Two primary categories of label materials are paper and synthetics.

There are several options for label finishes, including uncoated, coated, high-gloss, and matte.


Tracking everything from jewelry to chemical drums labels come from the smallest to large formats. You can also order custom labels to accommodate unique sizes.