The Symbol DS6708 barcode scanner combines all the features of Zebra’s standard DS6708 imager, including omni-directional 1D/2D barcode scanning, with an embedded parsing agent that enables users to read the PDF417 barcode on a US drivers license and use that information for a multitude of applications.


  • Embedded parsing agent
  • Support for all major 1-D, PDF, postal and 2-D symbologies
  • RSM (Remote Scanner Management) Ready
  • 6 ft./1.8m drop specification, tempered glass exit window
  • Multiple on-board interfaces; universal cable compatible
  • 360° omni-directional scanning; wide working range, laser aiming pattern
  • Optional hands-free Intellistand


Physical Characteristics

6.55 in. H x 4.72 in. L x 2.82 in. W 16.6 cm H x 11.9 cm L x 7.1 cm W

6.4 oz. (182 g)

5 +/-10%VDC @ 350 mA

Cash Register White (shown) or Twilight Black

Performance Characteristics

Aiming: 650 nm laser diode Illumination: 630 nm LED

DL: 34° V x 43° H

DL: 360°, ±65°, ±60°


Name Date Size
DS6708 Spec Sheet 26/01/2019 PDF 251 KB